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dowsing rods

Dowsers or dowsing rods like those above also known as Pendulums originated to test various energies whether it be water underground or the vibration of earth’s lay lines. Energy testing pendulums are also useful to check the energy of a room, a house or another.

They are often used in healing by interacting & clearing denser energy that can signify blockages. Dowsers are very sensitive to energy fluctuation due to their various metal’s interaction with molecules of different energy.

We designed some dowsers sometimes called pendulums that are unique and have extra added energy stabilizers in their construction, design and intent. Here are 2 of them.

Sacred Heart Angel Pendulum ~ sodalite, sterling,crystal glass beads, copper bead, pewter angel wings
Sacred Heart Angel Pendulum ~ sodalite, sterling,crystal glass beads, copper bead, pewter angel wings
Rose Quartz Hearts, Spirals, Fancy Jasper & Leather
Rose Quartz Hearts, Spirals, Fancy Jasper & Leather

Each Dowser is made to order, blessed and tailored to your personal needs.

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7 thoughts on “Dowsing & Pendlum Designs by Angelic Shaman &


    Are they also used to contact spirit guides?
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    • Some use these for this but we do not recommend this practice as they are highly sensitive & when opened to lower energies often give false readings or inaccuracies. They are quite accurate when testing energy of a room, a place or a person. They will also ‘show’ a person or objects energy field circumference. They can be used over chakras or energy portals on a person to read & clear that energy.
      Tibetan Etheric Weavers are probably the most ancient example of this type of healing tool.
      Much Angels Love

    • We were discussing this question and in essence IF someone chose to use a pendulum dowser for spirit guide interaction one that is blessed with intent in construction & design ~ ie: use of angel wings, love, rose quartz, hearts and genuine metals ~ the user could be ensured that the interaction was more blessed than not. We always ask Heaven’s Angels as they are closest to God ~ Great Spirit ~ Creator& see the bigger picture and all miracles possible.
      Dowsing & Pendulum can be susceptible to cheekier spirits or lower energies ~ so if when someone does use one in that way they do so at their own risk ~ as it also can open portals for lower vibration entities, spirits to travel through ~ LOL ~ We have both great experience with this and also Tibetan Etheric Weaving so we have chosen in our design to stress the healing aspects of pendulums. I have seen a Priest even take of his crucifix and dowse whether a baby was a boy or girl. This is an age old practice.
      I hope this answers your question.
      Much Love

  2. hiramslonesomequeen

    What, then, would be your recommendation for use in aiding one to make spiritual contact with their Guardian Angel, Spirit Guide, Archangels, and perhaps even the spirit of beloved one who has passed on. Your recommendation is greatly valued and respected. I am Hiram’s Lonesome Queen – Hiram has passed on, physically leaving his body on 12-10-2010, although I know he is with me always, as I feel his presence, hear his songs playing when I turn on the radio, and when I touch any of the belongings/gifts he gave to me, I am charged as if an electrical current is zapping me. I have had to let go of items several times due to the strength and intensity. When he died, his spirit did not cross over for two years, as he chose to remain behind to watch over me as I have been severely ill since 2009. We lived in different states and great distance divided us physically, but never emotionally. I did not tell him the extent or severity of my illness as he was taking a double major in college and he was extremely over-burdened mentally with school. He actually died on the college campus grounds from a heart attack the evening prior to his scheduled law school entrance exam testing. I learned positively that he had not crossed over approximately one year ago, two years after he died, by a certified Angel practitioner. He comes through vividly for all Angel practitioners whenever I speak of him, he is surrounded by very vivid pink light showing his intense love for me still. He has taken the hand of another Angel practitioner friend, and he wrote down 10 items to prove to me that he was still here and had not crossed over. Between my Angel .practitioner friend and myself, we convinced him to allow Archangel Michael assist him in crossing over with the promise from my Angel practitioner that she would help me to get well. It was the only way he would agree to go home. The last time he came through was during a time when I was thanking another Angel practitioner for posting about a specific Archangel, which was accompanied with a prayer. The prayer touched me and resonated very strongly. As I was thanking my friend for the post, Hiram came through. He was with Archangel Jeremiel, and my Hiram was surrounded by the “most amazingly vivid pink”,and he stood with his right hand or forearm over his heart and he smiling, very happy. He told my Angel practitioner friend that he loves me and he does not hold me responsible for his death, as I had told him from the first time I ever lay my head on his chest that there was something wrong with his heart. I begged him for years to go to the doctor to have his heart checked and he never would go. Once I became ill, he assured me, when I questioned him, that he had his heart checked and he was okay. I do not believe this is true; however, he died from a congenital heart abnormality in which his heart literally exploded. I said it was because he had so much love to share that his beautiful heart could no longer hold any more! Although, in reality, I know he had entirely too much stress and pressure on him with college and more. I KNOW Hiram is still with me. I feel him sometimes like a weight on me, as if I am physically carrying him. I would like to make contact, but wish to do so in the correct manner such that I do not disturb him in a way in which he is unable to communicate properly or adequately with me. I do not want to cause frustration or upset for my beautiful, beloved Hiram’s soul. Can you help me by recommending the most effective manner for me to contact him and have the ability to communicate with him personally without having to go through a 3rd person? Thank you so much. I am sorry for the length of the post, but it is important to me that you have a full understanding of who Hiram was, what has transpired between us since he passed on. The question is – What will be the most effective tool for me to use to communicate with my Guardian Angel, Spirit Guide, Archangels, and the spirit of my beloved one who has passed on, I had been intending to use a pendulum until I read your post stating that you would not necessarily recommend this. Thank you very much for your time and energy, which are greatly, deeply appreciated. With love and blessings always.

    • Love Blessings again beloved,

      Loved ones may become your guardian angel after a time of ‘training’ adjusting so to speak. It is important that they are accompanied by a guardian angel when they ‘visit’ you eventually they are able to visit without accompiement IF they are and angel. Souls that have not reached that level of purification can still be carrying ‘ego’ energy in other words their human wants nnot Heaven’s pure necessity that always has the wlefare of all involved in mind wanting the best possible outcome.
      Dowsing with spitis is very tricky and opens unnecessary portals/vortexs – so do ouja boards. Jumanjii movie isn’t too far off the mark of what happens! ~ : ) in spirit world.
      When you pray/meditate ask the angels to communnicate for you to him. He may be a angel himself. What angels can communicate is what Heaven wants Angel communicator or practitioner is skilled at this. Perhaps you are being called to learn the art of Angelic Commuication?
      If you would like an Angelic Shaman Guidance blessing Angelic Commuication done for you -please email me at I always answer… if I don’t it has gone to spam.

      • hiramslonesomequeen

        Thank you so much for your kindest guidance and wisdom. I will look in to your offering and fees and see if it is something affordable for me. Yes, I have wished to learn the art of Angelic Communication. I will further review your site. Many blessings and love to you. Hiram’s Lonesome Queen

      • Love & Blessings ~ I have not been online as it has been too hot to leave the house in the desert heat where we live.

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