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There exists a wealth of in depth richly explored sites, book references available to us all regarding totem animals and spirits ~ many of which we both have learned so much from along with our own personal life experiences ~ Instead of repeating much of the same information we decided to add onto what is already known about certain totems that we have personally experienced.

Aurora feels compelled to start with her very first Totem Animal that flew to her mother when Aurora was almost one ~ That majestic creature was a yearling Bald Eagle ~

Bald Eagle 

The Bald Eagle is a Sea Eagle and also the symbol for the United States of America. It isn’t actually Bald but named that for having a white head of feathers.

In Native American Cultures the Eagle is Sacred as a Spiritual Messenger one that delivers peace, fertility, honor, freedom, strength, illumination, courage & the ability to rise above all.

Bald Eagle Spirit Medicine is to teach spirit to see the HIGHEST TRUTH.  Bald Eagle teaches this by aligning balance of both Earth & Sky ~ also Sea & Earth ~ Bald Eagle Medicine reminds us that we have freedom as a birthright and that we are allowed courage to soar to great heights in our spirit life.

Bald Eagle medicine teaches spirit the power of being a loner with awesome grace & beauty ~ Eagle Medicine people are often forced to be alone as their HUGE Spirits intimidate many that misinterpret their sense of graceful power as aloofness and vanity. Eagle medicine is inherently regal with amazing visions, keen insight, heroic stamina and the highest of ascension towards understanding attaining great spirit.

During Shamanic travel Bald Eagle may escort you to the highest realms as they have the courage heighth and stamina with an expressway direct to Spirit Realm. Bald Eagle medicine is expert at Soul Retrieval. Allow this powerful Guide to track down any parts of your spirit that may be held elsewhere in realms of sorrow or fear. Bald Eagle represents Great Spirit that can retrieve your sense of self, grace, courage, ascension with great speed & efficiency.

Bald Eagle offers the gifts of stamina throughout life and the ability to soar above any earthly trouble or human confusion.

They are fierce guardians of their young that bring protection, safety, authority, sanctuary & dominance to any habitat or spirit work they involve themselves in. 

If Bald Eagle medicine is with you it is time to soar ~ Let the magnificent creature lift up up up and away to safety and freedom. They are strong significators of Angelic Shaman whose service is to reconnect Heaven & Earth whether the feathers are used as protection, spirit dance or bringing prayer up to the higher realms know that you are being directed to listen to your instinct and courage ~ Great Spirit & Heaven are communicating directly to you and perhaps thru you. Also know that your prayers are being heard as they are directly delivered to Heaven.

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