Earth Angels

Drifting backwards

         with eyes closed

                  to a moment in time

a snapshot            slowly moving

                      through flickers of time

                                                    into a reel

of sepia tempered memories

I see your smile ruby

                                   in perfect cream skin

        eyes a twinkle with hope

                brimming with inspiration

before blemishes of history

                                 marked our souls.

The crisp air billows warm smoke

          from our eager

                     breaths of virgin laughter

           navigating our innocence

                through life’s’ woven doors

          of possibilities

                   to our futures.

Green felt laid laden

                     against our stockinged legs

                           with promise of eventual sultries

when we may blossom ~

                         These flashes of beguiling laughter

        and distant closeness

                      through sisters

in a carefully begotten forest

                                                      of mossy trees

and rolling pitches

         serve our souls as

                         treasured cameo lockets

                               on a chain of spiraled time

cradled in our palm

                    as an offering of remembrance

                         to each other at twilight

~ sacred whispers

to each others’ hearts

~copyright @2011 Aurora AngelsLightWorldwide

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Angelic Shaman’s Dream Song


Dream Big~

~Shaman Dreams ~ artwork by Susan Seddon Boulet

Aurora’sAngelsShamanic Dream Song


angels’ song pours upon the oceans –

starlight sunlight moonlight glow

whales & dolphins hear this song

kindly singing it to us – slow

…. that’s the way it was

some ears fell deaf with clanging metal

and turned their hearts from home

birds of the sea were first to hear

as they graced the waves’ foam

…..angels & animals sang louder

and louder and ….

far wild the birds cried to all earth’s sacred

the angels guiding love song


understood love rhythm song for so long

…..they knew it was our life


desperate delivery of Grace

our b’loved creatures spread

the way of love’s eternal face

…and some of us put down our fury and listened

and the Angels’ song grew stronger and so did all of our light

bravely we face home with ourbleeding

hearts in hand – outreaching

forgive us join our hearts in love heavens

& light – we are yours to teach

and Love spread everywhere

Angels whisper-sing in our ears all day

to help our creature brethren, ocean & soil

we do this with love in so many ways

+those still deaf from clanging metal will hear

and it will be

Angels’ song pours upon the oceans –

starlight sunlight moonlight glow

Whales & Dolphins hear this song

kindly singing it to us slow

that’s the way it is

please listen to a whalesong today and also a dolphins too: they are more important than many people know

– aurora @2010

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