Salamander Spirit Medicine


Often mistaken as a reptile, salamanders are highly sensitive & adaptable amphibians related to frogs that vary in species with a wide variety of breathing mechanisms ~ some breath through gills, some through lungs and others thru their skin ~ It seems the adaptability is a pre~cursor for other evolutions in creatures on Earth.

Salamander medicine teaches to be master at deception when it comes to survival from predators ~ They will even ‘lose’ their tail ~ let it drop off in front of a predator and wriggle it to confuse the predator as to what is the prey. These effective physiological self- preservation qualities ensure survival and give the Salamander peaceful serenity in the wild ~ No wonder they are ALWAYS smiling!

Initially humans thought Salamanders were born of fire as they’d run out of dried chopped logs that were used to burn as the ancient fires were lit. Salamander translates to ‘fire animal’ in old greek. The ancient misconception gave birth to the spirit medicine meaning of re~birth and purification of the soul.

Salamander medicine is serene, colourful, adaptable, highly unique, emotional, affectionate & enigmatic preferring alone time but so adaptable to any situation that reaching out and temporarily functioning out in society is easily completed with a huge quiet smile and always always uniqueness.

Salamander Spirit medicine urges us to adapt and search the  world for the lesser known or followed truths ~ If you receive Salamander Totem Medicine Spirit is showing you that your own uniqueness is a gift given to you along with intelligence and serenity to understand the ‘odder’ things in life. It is encouraging you to flourish in your own uniqueness and also asks you to balance your energies between alone time and group time.

Another unique quality about Salamander Medicine is that many fear the adorable critter as a reptile!!!!  Some even say they helped create the Dragon Myth as ancients were so fearful of them running out of fires! What this medicine does for you is help you realise that some may react in fear to you ~ do not take it personal ~ it is there mistake ~ You are a wonderful, unique, smart creature of Spirit and Earth. The rumourous misconceptions about your poisonous fearsome presence are nonsense ~ Be who and what you are all with a smile.


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