Spell Breaker

Shaman Wolfskin

As reminded by Wolf Angelic Shaman Totem, Wolf medicine is a fierce protector and transformer of dense energy. Although we are protectors of Wolf Rights and preservation and firmly against wolf quelling, traditionally the Wolf Skin in all ancient cultures and spirit medicine symbolizes the dissipating of evil spirit from land. Transforming dense and dark to sky.

The Wolf skin and Wolf medicine is also used to break ‘spells’ & protect the innocent of others’ dark thoughts and wishes. Wolf Medicine asks to heal any darkness through transformation. In real life Wolf threatens before attack in defense. Wolf Medicine firmly brings the dense energy to Spirit for Heaven to take and transform in honor of protecting receiver and hope of healing sender of any darkness.

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Angelic Shaman Blessing & Clearing

David Littlewolf’s Angelic Shaman Blessing & Clearing by Aurora 

‘Spirit Healing’

Clearing of dense energies and sometimes entities that make our spirit sick or weighted down. We sometimes feel this in our stomach, sometimes in our head, sometimes in our emotional heart. They often manifest as disease. Highly sensitive & prophetic individuals like spirit warrior David Littlewolf need spirit healing on a continuous basis as they are so sensitive they pick up all energies.

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Many believe that the empathic eyes of a wolf share the silent secrets of our souls’ many past lives and wisdom learned.

The romantic magic of receiving Wolf as an Angelic Shaman Totem is popularised around the world by having the wolf couple represent long enduring monogamous romantic love. Wolves mate for life until death do us part.

Wolf brings the spirit of the pack as in keeping social company, working well together silently and sharing team effort. Conversely, wolf also assures safety when on your own being independent.

Wolf medicine represents Loyalty, Instinct, High Intelligence, Love, Play & ferocious as a Spirit Warrior.

Wolf medicine asks us to Wolf Mother ourselves. Wolf Mother is an instinctual investigator, expert teacher and fierce protector. She is patient and observant with instinctual knowing of just when to intervene so as not to curb her pups own learning through experience. She also is a fair referee while observing her pups’ natural learning spats.

Wolf medicine embodies Divine Mother, Sacred Mother, Sacred Feminine Spirits.

Wolf medicine also signifies energy transformation ~ Wolves are natural empaths absorbing much from world energy and then howling it away to the night sky ~ The Sound Frequency or hz of a wolf’s howling is phenomenally healing by transformation ~ Early tribal work and present day practices enlist the uses of Sacred Howling or Yelling or Chanting ~ These practices like the Wolf help clear our own energy fields but also our surroundings ~ Wolf medicine signifies that you may need an energy clearing.

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