Angelic Shaman Sound Healing Part I

Transforming Earth Bound Souls & Energy to Heaven

♥ Angelic Shamans use Healing Tones & Rhythm In Music ~ Some dense energy needs to be stirred up with Rhythm before & at same time as healing tones transform it ♥

This is part of the Angelic Shaman’s duty ~ The Gifted Ability & Training to be able to shift denser earth energies that are ‘stubbornly stuck’ ♥

Each Culture around the World has their own version of the Shamanic Drum.

These drums are ancient tools in maintaining equilibrium between Heaven & Earth Energy.

Carol Weaver

The clearer the Earth Energy is the more clearly we hear, see & feel Heaven’s Energy sent from Great Spirit ~ Divine Mother & Divine Father ~

Maori Instruments


Some of Earth’s more Ancient Sacred Animals are also energy transformers ~ Whales & Dolphins use Sound Healing with a combination of harmonic tones and rhythm.

Wolves use howling.

Full Moon Magnetism Assists In Wolves' Howling Energy Transformation

Great Spirit ~ Divine Father & Divine Mother ~ have gifted us a multitude of SOUND HEALING throughout nature ~

Wind Thru Trees

Rain Storm

Rhythmic Rain Washes Away More Than Dust & Dirt

Many of these sounds and tones are still incorporated in churches, temples, synagogues, places of worship and religions everywhere and are used to compliment prayer ~ They may be different types but all based on the same principle of transformation. Relax & BREATHE ~ Let yourself transform ~ Breath helps us all transform.

(to be continued)

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DRAGONFLY Angelic Shaman Totem

Dragon Fly 

Dragonfly as an Angelic Shaman Totem represents invitation & Entry into the spirit world where everything is possible ~ all dreams all hopes are real and easily manifested. The illusion of lack is smashed into fragments of a mirror reflecting all of our parts making up a whole where we can be all or any of our facets ~ Dragonfly spirit medicine asks us to remove all doubt and limitation ~ Dragon fly medicine dances & flies on a zig zag path alighting on sun drenched flowers and leaves ~ We are meant to follow that path ~ Dragonfly spirit medicine shows us that we are ready to embark on our journey without physical restraint. Once just after Aurora received her Tibetan Energy Healing Cert a very large green dragonfly flew in through her back door into the room where she was hovered for a second or two and then zipped out the back door ~ This was spirit affirmation for Aurora that she was to continue on her path of spirit. Dragon fly spirit medicine also invites & encourages us to use and understand color and color vibration ~ Dragonfly often significates that the person being given the spirit medicine to is a great  color healer ~ naturally inclined to intuitively know what colors to wear and what colors to use in spirit healing. Dragonfly has lovingly been bestowed the honor of Guardian to The Spirit world ~ a beautiful and fun flame of learning while guiding you through lessons ~ also initiating you to higher (not as in better) but as in different realms.

Dragonflies are considered sacred by everyone ~ they come in as many colors as sizes.

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FALCON Angelic Shaman Totem

The Angelic Shaman Totem of the Falcon almost always refers to the Falcon’s meaning of a past life connection and protection. Expect to meet someone from a past life that you have a strong connection with. You may have been sister, brother, mother, father, friend or foe in past lives; whichever the past connection it is time for your souls to work things out. 

Falcon medicine also brings and suggests swift movement, mental agility & higher vision over all of the BIG PICTURE. Way back in history the Falcon originates as an emblem of the SUN, thus falcon medicine promises success, victory and rising up above a situation as so does the rising sun. The falcon also represents Archangel Michael as a sun symbol.

The Falcon is king of all birds & can also suggest a huntsman,  or the Germanic sky-gods Wodan & Frigg ~ also symbolizes the trickster Loki.

The Falcon can be considered a warlike symbol.

Falcon medicine promises ‘animal totem visionary ability’, wisdom and guardianship of your visions.

Falcon medicine also indicates an awakening of visions that may lead you to your life purpose or an expansion of your life purpose as in developing unseen gifts you may have learned in past lives.

The Falcon almost always carries a message of transition and change through soul growth and healing – perhaps in your craft, work, hobby, residence, sensitivities, new level of talent, new gifts of spirit being brought that will change you.

Falcons hover in slow motion over their hunting grounds & are also very patient to sit for hours watching out for prey. Once the prey has been spotted the falcon will move swiftly towards its prey.

Falcon medicine asks us to use our mind in seeing our best move BEFORE we act at an opportune moment.  It asks us to focus on precision in our decisions with strategy towards building our dreams. Sun symbols like the falcon often represent dreams that we are very passionate about in our heart. Dreams that make us happiest that maybe we have not manifested before. Spirit sends falcon to ask you to take part in your own dream by  researching and planning strategy as pursuing a hunt.

The Falcon shows deepest of majestic mystery… the grace to fly alone with the dignity of knowing that not all men & women know all facts on Earth so they may not understand the solitary flight amidst the highest spheres. The falcon whispers of old secrets of our soul… The falcon reveals the skill in being able to select your nourishment (prey or food) or choose your life battles while letting others go in grace that our creator has a plan for all…. & that deep knowing that true rewards are from & known in the Heavens beyond the comprehension of some but including all….

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Jasmine flowers attract Heavenly angels as the flower’s aroma helps raise our energy frequency or spirit vibration. This way they promote healing, romance, aphrodisia, sensuality & calm sedation.  

The flowers are widely used at both wedding and other religious ceremonies as they represent romance, feminine kindness, grace, delicacy, special fondness, wealth and romantic attachment.

They are traditionally worn near the crown chakra in women’s hair.

The essential oil distilled from the jasmine flower is also known as  an anti-depressant, anti viral, anti bacterial & anti-septic.

The oil extracted from the plant has been used in Ayurvedic medicine as a tonic and cleansing remedy for hundreds of years encouraging the principles of light, harmony, and increased perception. Its medicine used for cooling fevers & strengthening immune system.

In Chinese medicine it is used for ‘cooling’ & astringency. Jasmine contains alkaloids: linalool & salicylic acid. Arabian jasmine has been used in China since at least AD 300 to scent teas.

Jasmine is also representative of Sacred Mother as it encourages milk flow, soothes as an anti~depressant, anti~spasmodic & a uterine tonic. 

Jasmine tea is recommended for treating infections, urinary inflammation and fevers ~ used in cold compresses for heat stroke and headache and also added to massage oil.

The name Jasmine is from the Persian word “yasmin,” meaning Gift from God. The flower’s symbolic opening of petals at night represents nocturnal life & quite often used for dream magic where attracting of Love & Prosperity are what is being sought. 

An Angelic Shaman relaxation treatment using quartz crystals and jasmine flowers is sure to assist a spirit patient with a broken heart ~ The jasmine give the quartz crystals soothing energy, encourages romance, healing & sensuality. Soak packets filled with jasmine flowers can be added to a bath for another treatment.

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Spell Breaker

Shaman Wolfskin

As reminded by Wolf Angelic Shaman Totem, Wolf medicine is a fierce protector and transformer of dense energy. Although we are protectors of Wolf Rights and preservation and firmly against wolf quelling, traditionally the Wolf Skin in all ancient cultures and spirit medicine symbolizes the dissipating of evil spirit from land. Transforming dense and dark to sky.

The Wolf skin and Wolf medicine is also used to break ‘spells’ & protect the innocent of others’ dark thoughts and wishes. Wolf Medicine asks to heal any darkness through transformation. In real life Wolf threatens before attack in defense. Wolf Medicine firmly brings the dense energy to Spirit for Heaven to take and transform in honor of protecting receiver and hope of healing sender of any darkness.

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Angelic Shaman Blessing & Clearing

David Littlewolf’s Angelic Shaman Blessing & Clearing by Aurora 

‘Spirit Healing’

Clearing of dense energies and sometimes entities that make our spirit sick or weighted down. We sometimes feel this in our stomach, sometimes in our head, sometimes in our emotional heart. They often manifest as disease. Highly sensitive & prophetic individuals like spirit warrior David Littlewolf need spirit healing on a continuous basis as they are so sensitive they pick up all energies.

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Many believe that the empathic eyes of a wolf share the silent secrets of our souls’ many past lives and wisdom learned.

The romantic magic of receiving Wolf as an Angelic Shaman Totem is popularised around the world by having the wolf couple represent long enduring monogamous romantic love. Wolves mate for life until death do us part.

Wolf brings the spirit of the pack as in keeping social company, working well together silently and sharing team effort. Conversely, wolf also assures safety when on your own being independent.

Wolf medicine represents Loyalty, Instinct, High Intelligence, Love, Play & ferocious as a Spirit Warrior.

Wolf medicine asks us to Wolf Mother ourselves. Wolf Mother is an instinctual investigator, expert teacher and fierce protector. She is patient and observant with instinctual knowing of just when to intervene so as not to curb her pups own learning through experience. She also is a fair referee while observing her pups’ natural learning spats.

Wolf medicine embodies Divine Mother, Sacred Mother, Sacred Feminine Spirits.

Wolf medicine also signifies energy transformation ~ Wolves are natural empaths absorbing much from world energy and then howling it away to the night sky ~ The Sound Frequency or hz of a wolf’s howling is phenomenally healing by transformation ~ Early tribal work and present day practices enlist the uses of Sacred Howling or Yelling or Chanting ~ These practices like the Wolf help clear our own energy fields but also our surroundings ~ Wolf medicine signifies that you may need an energy clearing.

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Honeysuckle flowers resemble an intertwined couple and in lore are considered the living symbol for LOVE.  Not much compares to the romantic, sensuous, sweet scent of HONEYSUCKLE warmed by the sun on the side of a country road ~ a fragrance that reputedly induces dreams of passionate romance. Even its pastel color cream glows warm and irresistible ~ A promise of marriage within a year can be divined when Honeysuckle is brought into a home.

Honeysuckle grows prolifically wild around the world and is a favourite of bees and hummingbirds. Many of us that had some time spent in the countryside learned from our mothers how to gently pick the honeysuckle flower and suck the sweet dabble of nectar hidden within.

Maybe what we didn’t realise was that HONEYSUCKLE flowers, nectar and leaves contain some of the highest anti~bacterial and anti~viral ORAC scores in the world & is one of the oldest known medicinal herbs to man ~ and bees of course.

Through out time honeysuckle has been used successfully to treat everything from snake bites, urinary infections, lung congestion, dysentery, rheumatoid arthritis, wounds, flu, ulcers, acute hepatitis, menstrual cramps and fever during childbirth. It also is used to kill major infection bacteria: staph, strep & salmonella.

Honeysuckle is supreme at purging & cleansing poisons from the human body. It also has an energy ‘cooling’ effect and is used medicinally to treat conditions caused by summer heat, ‘fire entities’ & infection.

All parts of the flower & stem can be used to make syrup, tea, decoction, elixir or puddings if you aren’t sure about the side of the road Honeysuckle tasting.

Recent studies show it has an effect on cancers ~ especially breast cancers. There are also preliminary indications of Honeysuckle’s ability to suppress & treat AIDS. It’s major constituent Inositol has been used extensively on treating lung cancer ~ it does not eradicate lung cancer but does arrest its development.

In energy healing Honeysuckle can be used to increase the flow of energy meridians ~ & can also allow release of tension or anxiety ~ allowing us to be in the ‘moment’.

Lonicera }Honeysuckle, Jin Yin Hua, Woodbine, Goat’s Leaf { ‘COLD, DRY,SWEET & BITTER’                                         >cooling, immune system, expectorant, diuretic, ANTI spasmodic, ANTI viral ANTI bacterial, ANTI inflammatory, nerve tonic, stimulates uterus, skin astringent, lymph drainage <          :::GOOD FOR: Stomach, lungs, liver, skin, immune system:::  }buds, flowers, leaves, stem, root {  *** Inositol, luteolin, tannins *** Nectar of camellia

For educational purposes only This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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Often mistaken as a reptile, salamanders are highly sensitive & adaptable amphibians related to frogs that vary in species with a wide variety of breathing mechanisms ~ some breath through gills, some through lungs and others thru their skin ~ It seems the adaptability is a pre~cursor for other evolutions in creatures on Earth.

Salamander medicine teaches to be master at deception when it comes to survival from predators ~ They will even ‘lose’ their tail ~ let it drop off in front of a predator and wriggle it to confuse the predator as to what is the prey. These effective physiological self- preservation qualities ensure survival and give the Salamander peaceful serenity in the wild ~ No wonder they are ALWAYS smiling!

Initially humans thought Salamanders were born of fire as they’d run out of dried chopped logs that were used to burn as the ancient fires were lit. Salamander translates to ‘fire animal’ in old greek. The ancient misconception gave birth to the spirit medicine meaning of re~birth and purification of the soul.

Salamander medicine is serene, colourful, adaptable, highly unique, emotional, affectionate & enigmatic preferring alone time but so adaptable to any situation that reaching out and temporarily functioning out in society is easily completed with a huge quiet smile and always always uniqueness.

Salamander Spirit medicine urges us to adapt and search the  world for the lesser known or followed truths ~ If you receive Salamander Totem Medicine Spirit is showing you that your own uniqueness is a gift given to you along with intelligence and serenity to understand the ‘odder’ things in life. It is encouraging you to flourish in your own uniqueness and also asks you to balance your energies between alone time and group time.

Another unique quality about Salamander Medicine is that many fear the adorable critter as a reptile!!!!  Some even say they helped create the Dragon Myth as ancients were so fearful of them running out of fires! What this medicine does for you is help you realise that some may react in fear to you ~ do not take it personal ~ it is there mistake ~ You are a wonderful, unique, smart creature of Spirit and Earth. The rumourous misconceptions about your poisonous fearsome presence are nonsense ~ Be who and what you are all with a smile.


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Wild Horses

When Wild Horses come galloping into your life it is time to recognise your sense of freedom, stamina, strength, speed, service & individuality yet part of whole of humanity ~

  Wild Horse Medicine offers us that amazing strength of being able to ‘sniff’ things out from a distance while maintaining our distance~ we either then proceed with caution or gallop away ~ Wild Horse medicine reminds us that it is time for us to recognise the importance of our muscles and bones and offer them prayers of gratitude ~

It is also medicine reminding us that if we have a loving rider we may carry them far distances with our skills and strength.

Wild horse medicine also asks us to be careful as to what we get caught up in ~ It is easy to get caught up in the frenzy of critical mass stampede ~ But be careful where the stampede is running ~ if unsure hang back, wait and make you sure you are on able footing before moving ~ Be a part of humanity but also be individual as Wild Horses and their many colours and patterns.

Wild Horse medicine also   requires us to carry a message sometimes against the flow of society ~

If you are a Wild Horse messenger know that Great Spirit protects you against many dangers to keep you from extinction ~ You are very special.

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