~Collection of Prayers~

Please add any of your favourite prayers to comments and we will add them to this page to share with others ~

O SACRED ONES             

Wheel of Light

O sacred ones from long ago

that never left our side

your benefits still sound

thru drum and bell and chants

of age old wisdom calling

Spirit in thanks

& prayer

even as the tear drop falls

from us outspoken ones of tomorrow~

you danced,

you prayed,

you fed

her with your souls marrow ~

casting us away from

shadows’ knave

& cleansing us from sorrow

~ angelslight @2011  

~Shaman Dreams ~ by Susan Seddon Boulet


AngelsShamanic Dream


angels’ song pours upon the oceans –

starlight sunlight moonlight glow

whales & dolphins hear this song

kindly singing it to us – slow

…. that’s the way it was

some ears fell deaf with clanging metal

and turned their hearts from home

birds of the sea were first to hear

as they graced the waves’ foam

…..angels & animals sang louder

and louder and ….

far wild the birds cried to all earth’s sacred

the angels guiding love song


understood love rhythm song for so long

…..they knew it was our life


desperate delivery of Grace

our b’loved creatures spread

the way of love’s eternal face

…and some of us put down our fury and listened

and the Angels’ song grew stronger and so did all of our light

bravely we face home with ourbleeding

hearts in hand – outreaching

forgive us join our hearts in love heavens

& light – we are yours to teach

and Love spread everywhere

Angels whisper-sing in our ears all day

to help our creature brethren, ocean & soil

we do this with love in so many ways

+those still deaf from clanging metal will hear

and it will be

Angels’ song pours upon the oceans –

starlight sunlight moonlight glow

Whales & Dolphins hear this song

kindly singing it to us slow

that’s the way it is

please listen to a whalesong today and also a dolphins too: they are more imporatnt than many people know

– aurora @2010



  1. Angela Finn

    Thank you for this site , I would love to be added to ur prayer list … To honor myself fully and to have a clearer understanding of myself … Newley divorced and am a single mom who needs to have better control of myself and my heart center .. Namaste ty

    • Love blessings ❤ I pray for all the lonely people always but have not been able to walk in hot desert heat to visit our site here. I will now place our name in a beautiful Holy Sacred Heart. I see beautiful deep and light pink light around you as spirit and angels are healing our past hurts. You resonate with love.

      Love & Blessings,

  2. Bea

    So beautiful, many thanks. Slowing down, listening much needed grace. .

    • Love& Blessings Bea. My husband must have assisted your request & not told me as I have only seen it now.❤

      So here we are almost a year later.
      Know you are loved.

  3. I know you, I know we have not met but i know you.

  4. Jan

    A Bald Eagle came to my front yard of my farmette and landed in one of the three large nut trees loudly screeching. I know this because I stepped out side to see what was making that loud noise thinking it was a hawk. but I saw two large birds flying over my fields in the south front beyond my front yard proper and west side of my house. Then to my surprise I heard the loud screech and looked up to see the bald eagle soar out of the tree above me and fly around, almost return to the tree but instead joined two other birds and flew off south over the or to the woods. Clearly there must have been two of them and I think a buzzard. The eagle was so close to me and definitely performed for me as I told it that it was amazingly beautiful. I felt it’s beauty, power, and peace! I knew it was significant. I came to your sight which helped me to understand why the eagle came. I know I am in a stagnant marriage that is pulling me down and I need to make a change. I am afraid of how he will react and respond and fear the consequences but feel strength and hear that they bring me freedom. Please pray for me as I need clarity on how to handle my need to change my life. Thank you for this wonderful site! You are truly blessed. With love – Jan

    • Dearest Jan,

      Sincere apologies that for some reason your comment did not appear until today. I have been unable to respond for the past few weeks but somehow your comment was not here as we have responded to other comments after this one.

      I feel that your marriage may have gone through a rebirth by now. Whether this is a rebirth together as a couple or separate.

      I pray for the romantic happiness of each & every one of us as LOVE heals so many.
      Romantic liasons are not always easy especially after years of day to day drudgery.
      Please if you wish to contact by email you may receive a response faster. or

      love & blessings beloved soul

  5. Zzpriestess

    Thank you in advance for your prayers , healing and

  6. Great to be Here! am in Uganda – East Africa; Felidae Earth Medicine (Panther, Cat & Cougar) has by Synchronicity led me here; All is One. Earth/Celestial Medicine is to remind us of “HOME” & why we are here; The ancient Sacred Spiral has led me to a Journey of “No Return” (Totally Stripping off the “Non Essential” upon my Earth path….); I Pray that the Great Unknown Mystery continues to Guide, Teach me how to move upon Earth in Grace, Sacred Humility, Compassion, Mercy and Total Acceptance of that which has “Chosen me”, not that which i have “Chosen”, for what i have chosen may not be of the Most infinite Sacred; Many atimes what we think/believe is the best for us….is usually not the most Sacred for us; Thus i Pray to Totally Know & be Guided by the infinite Sacred in the Spiritual Lesson of Totally “Letting Go”…..

    Thank you….

    In Sacred Grace & Humility…

    I “Am” Brother-Crow-DEFENDER-Storm-Buffalo….

    • Heaven dances when we allow God Great Spirit to flow right through us. When human allows God to bless us with his spirit human becomes conjoined with God _ & we flow with his music harmonies of the spheres.
      You are love.

  7. Sasha

    Please add us to your prayer list. And thank you for a wonderful and wonderous site. We have experienced terrible things, but Nature is showing me signs that the Great Spirit is with us.

    • Sorry for delay in answering. I have not been able to come online.
      So many of us are going through so much heaviness. It is our faith that keeps us going. Tears wash away the pain.
      Thank you. I did not see this until tonight but continuous prayer for all. Keep your faith strong.

  8. Sasha

    NO matter the time, you answered. Thank you. And Faith is the operative word. There have been many tears in this- tears that have been held for many years. I find much comfort in the Natural world, and the Supernatural world- Angels are here. Again, thank you.

    • As we cry with mother earth we must remember to laugh in her sunshine, breathe with her air & know we are joyous connections to the aethers of Heaven.
      Every moment is different, breathing on love & faith helps us get from one to the next.
      Kinda like God’s surfboard riding the waves.
      May the angels of God bless you with peace & knowing the love around you.

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