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Healing Art Designs & Products to help With Prayer



Sacred Prayer & medicine staffs ~ used in healing, hiking or room art.


Hand-crafted incense holders


Incense helps clear the space around you while you pray & also helps clear your own auric field.


Did you know that is why & how incense was first created & used in churches , temples, tribal ceremonies ~ all spiritual ~ all religions through time?


Same with sacred salts or blessing pouches


used in exorcisms & home protection not as a substitute for prayer but in addition to prayer.


Medicine Pouches also carry soul medicine that helps increase your spirit’s frequency. Different herbs, flowers, rocks carry different frequencies or vibrations. By keeping them close to you the help raise your vibration. They are not magic they are God’s nature.

This Bag of Love is filled with flower petals & aromatherapy to increase your own Love vibration by joining with the energy of God’s great gift nature.

IMG_1482All products are unique & made to order. Contact or call USA (702)3021453 10 am – 6pm Pacific Standard Time



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The Sacred Bee Medicine & Totem

Have you been visited by the Sacred Bee lately?

Not just a quick fly by but a stronger visit where the bee seems to be telling you something. Or pictures of bees continue to come up in your presence? You could be smelling really sweet to the Angels & the sacred bee could be paying you a visit as a messenger from spirit or a heaven gift to attune & clear your auric energy field.

As metaphysical harbingers the sacred bee signifies good luck & abundance. The sacred bee could also be reminding you of their miraculous food source and healing balm honey.


Throughout history the Sacred Bee symbolizes love, natural royalty, mysticism, heaven’s mystery & secret wisdom – all priceless treasures.


In nature, bees are master healers that create clarity with their high frequency but audible vibration ~ Bees buzzing clears space & energy. The medicine of bees repairs at a cellular level not only through sound frequency but also with their greatest creation: honey. Even the beautiful wax of bees has been adapted by man to be used as light bearing candles.


Studies show that older bees that seem to be acquiring dementia in the hive, quickly recover & rejuvenate from old age dementia when they are forced or encouraged to perform the tasks of younger bees. Studies also show that keeping our human brains active with young agilities helps discourage dementia & senility. Honey in the diet proves beneficial for brain cellular repair. The Sacred Bee could prove to be healing for much more than many of us realise.


Bees buzz at 200-450 hz Up to & above 600 hz during a queen bee piping~ the ancient healing tone well know for miraculous healing is 528 hz. Co-incidence or another miracle of Heaven’s gifts on earth? We see God’s creation of bees and all that they do as a miracle. Below is a chart from great that shows the hertz or hz of sound & healing color waves within the healing frequencies of bees. Color vibrates at both sound frequency & also light wave particle.


Earth: stability, grounding



Uranus: spontaneity, independence, originality



Neptune: the unconscious, secrets, imagination, spiritual love



Venus: beauty, love, sexuality, sensuality, harmony



Elevate and revitalize



33rd octave of Earth year



“Gurdjieff vibration associated with root chakra. Sixth harmonic of six, center of the brainwave spectrum.”



G (musical note)






Moon: love, sensitivity, femininity, anima






A (musical note)






B (musical note)






C (musical note)






D (musical note)






E (musical note)

 The sound frequency of bees was heard at the original Miraculous Apparition of Mother Mary in Fatima. The sound of bees or the same frequency has also been heard at other supernatural miraculous events.


The Miraculous healing Tone of 528 hz that is woven through many gregorian chants, buddhist chants and other healing music.


The following is a list of several well known frequencies The Solfeggio Tones: 396 hz Guilt and Fear Release, 417 hz Facilitating Change, 432 hz Meditation, 528 hz Love, Transformation, and DNA Repair, 639 hz Connecting and Relationships. 741 hz consciousness and Intuition, 852 hz Spirtitual Order. Below is a NASA image of the different wavelengths of colors.



The Sacred Bee brings Miraculous healing of the Emotional Heart ~ as is the Solfeggio Mi(short for Miracle) 528 hz or musical note C for Christ that heals at cellular level in DNA.


Great Spirit give us clues into the benefits of Bee medicine of spirit and of mind & body in the bees home – the honey hive. The honey hive’s protective & defense strategies are well known to anyone who has attempted to invade one. The hive serves as a reminder of how we must protect our spiritual boundaries & our guidances from Heaven.

cupid complaining to venus he is stung while retrieving honey comb by lucas cranach the elder

Made from purest of lifegiving & candle lightgiving wax the bees home is also made up from perfect hexagonal shapes that are filled with regenerating, life-giving, healing honey. The hexagonal shape represents harmony of the cosmos: the honey represents the milk of mankind’s spirit – the love generated through & with the flowers of the holy spirit & healing light golden in color.


Bee spirit medicine is the ultimate of creation force, life energy rebirth of dormant or latent gifts.
The magnificent nourishing honey filled with healing and natural miracles is created by the Sacred Bee visiting flower after flower and drinking natures nectar to be turned into healing food.


The Celts honored bee spirit and medicine as secret wisdom or healing. Honey wine was also known as the drink of immortality. Bees were legally protected in Ireland because of Honey Wine being precious in healing but also regard for bees themselves as master healers & spirit messenger.


Did you know that honey will knit together skin cells that have been cut & when applied topically can help reduce scarring? Honey can even heal a stomach ulcer – Manuka Honey from the purest of southern hemisphere forests’ pollen especially.

lg bee

Bees as a totem or symbol signify steady methodical work that highlights loyalty & integrity of craftsmanship with persistence of unique and finite details. Bees are dedicated to their purpose.


The shape and substance of the honeycomb is an earthly reminder of our hearts, our wombs, replication and also the heart of the universe with life sustaining geometrical shapes & the nourishment of infinity.


Sacred bee medicine is a gentle, simple but ever complex archetypical symbol of steadfast work, creation, nourishment, ritual, stamina & productivity not only in the physical plane of earth but also in the invisible world of vibration & sound.


It is also a reminder of the gentler hero aspects in humanity. Sacred bee medicine reminds us that we can do what seems impossible with persistance alone & also with team work.


Sacred bee medicine reminds us that we each have different skills or gifts that serve the whole. The cosmic social system of bees also embodies different aspects of sacred feminine & sacred masculine.

Circling Bees by gisellegautreau.blogspot.comCircling Bees by

The Sacred Bee often brings the message to us that we need to check the construction of our homes in small hidden places but also to urge us to allow gratitude to flourish for our home.


Bee spirit medicine can also be a subtle reminder to double check your own energy attachments as someone could be sweetly draining your personal energy as bees drain the nectar of life giving flowers. Has someone been visiting you lately either in person or astrally & stealing your life force for their own honey & hive? Learn to protect your spirit through prayer & other earth remedies.


Remember to clear & anoint yourself on a regular basis. Ask Great Spirit & his helper Angels to clear & protect you. Honey & Salt in a scrub works wonders on your skin but also protects your spirit clearing dense energy debris & loosening any spirit attachments you may have. Places of worshiplike church, temple use blessings salts and ancient fragrance either in incense or oils.


The Sacred Bee also has quite an intuition sensory of when we are fertile! If a bee buzzes by you near your stomache or lower abdomen it could be the cosmos gentle reminder to be aware of the birds & the bees.

Anthidium matingAnother common message of the Sacred Bee is a fore-warning of ‘someone with a bee in their bonnet’ ~ In other words, someone may be unjustifiably angry or in a temper. The bee may be warning you to steer away from them until they simmer down so that cross words are not exchanged. Conversely, the sacred bee may be suggesting that you may need to simmer down before communicating with some one so that tempers do not flare.


A sacred bee’s visit sometimes also appears for mother nature and is a reminder to nourish your mother’s instinct by trusting it. The bee may be urging you to calm  & soothe someone who is in distress. The person in distress might not be a child but their inner child may be hurting. The Sacred Bee offers to heal all of our inner child from fear & pain with the sweetness of its honey.




This post was channeled or delivered spiritually but was cross referenced online for information already known. Some information has been learned over the years. The following links have wonderful information on bees, sound and bee’s study:
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FELIDAE: ~ The shape of their faces is that of a heart ~

Felidae is the term for all families of felines from house kitties to large wild cats.

As animal totems FELIDAE promise felicity & warm LOVE:

~ The shape of their faces is that of a heart ~

Their eyes are that of deep anscestral wisdom displaying an array of colors and layers of light.

They exhibit a show of prowess stemming from confidence and agility that is innate to their family.

Felidae can ‘see’ in light, dark & the spirit world.

They are self healers using sound vibration healing techniques ~ their purrrrr ~ to dispell any dense energy.

Their senses go way beyond vision: astute hearing with millions of hair sensors ~ whiskers, tails & paws ultra feeling sensors ~  a tongue that tastes and also cleans their coats to a gleen. No felida like water but have a fierce reluctancy to go near it. They all can swim but perhaps feel in another world missing senses washed away by water. All felidae can fall from great heights without being injured. A domestic cat can fall 8 – 11 stories and survive without an injury ~ They do this by relaxing all ligaments, splaying themselves out & and a supernatural ablity to right themselves upright before landing.

Feldiae are not shy about thriving on affection. In the wild, affection and grooming are daily activities spread throughout the day and night. Domesticated cats show their ‘caretakers’ the same need to give and receive affection. The word ‘caretakers’ is chosen as neither master nor owner are appropriate terms for anyone that loves a Felidae.

As hunters & survivalists these beauties are prime & often referred to as ‘King’ & ‘Queen’ of any region they inhabit. Their speed, vision, scent & audio combined with sharp slicing claws & teeth make them natures top hunting machines. They do have an odd and somewhat cruel habit of taunting and teasing their prey in small vignettes before the kill. Perhaps this is to exspell as much fear endorphin scent from their prey as a reminder to the rest of the animal kingdom exactly who is boss.

Felidae are extremely clean and ALWAYS clean up, cover or bury any mess they have made.

Felidae also have nature’s purr~fect  balance of rest, affection, play, hunting & eating.

Felidae spirit medicine gives our spirit all of the above! They remind us to accept our need for affection and to be LOVE ~ giving caring love to our  families & friends but also be able to accept this care in return. Affection is a mandatory mammalian need ~ even spirits ‘miss’ human affection.

Felidae asks our spirit to nurture self love based on our innate gifts from Heaven so that we may be confident with prowess on Earth in anything we do. We each are given different gifts that we are meant to share with one another to have many parts make up the whole of humanity.

Felidae Spirit medicine reminds us to use ALL of our senses in any situation, decision, circumstances in our lives.

They also ask us to know with certainty that we can all fall and survive if we relax, go with the flow and use instinct to know when & how to upright ourselves to land with our feet on the ground. When we ‘know’ this ability we can relax in any given situation & have faith.  

We are also reminded to clean up any mess we make as a mark of respect for others.

Felidae Spirit medicine urges us to look into one anothers’ eyes ~ they truly are the window to our spirit and other realms ~ eyes also show all aspects of our physical body as studied in highly accurate ‘iridology’ ~also to ask ourselves to be aware when another refuses to look you in the eye ~ what are they hiding? Self~pain or malice? Ask and spirit will show you ~

Felidae Spirit Medicine also teaches us that ‘what we see can become real’ ~ be very careful & accurate of what you visualise either in manifesting or shamanic journeying ~ also keep your actual visual experiences pure as what goes in visually can easily be embedded psychologically and manifest itself through the power of our amazing brains & spirit. In otherwords, use your visual skills to everyones’ benefit most of all your own preservation ~ also watch for signs ~ Heaven & Spirit are always communicating to us and thru us and the elements & the animal kingdom.

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