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Water Blessing of Feet


Blessing your feet in clear water

helps clarify the energy

all around your physical

& energetic field also

known as your aura.


Saltwater also helps dissolve,

deflect, refract dense energy

that easily attaches to us all.

"My feet"  a photo by Elena Rego

My feet – photo by Elena Rego

Many use anointing oils or

essential oil in their foot baths.

Different cultures have different methods.



You can also read about

this blessing practice

in a variety of worldwide sacred writings

through history both ancient and new

including the Bibles.

Always Bless your feet.


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Coyote Angelic Shaman Totem


Night of the Coyotes by Tim J.
Night of the Coyotes by Tim J.

This beautiful yet misunderstood creature

images (4)


is a strong symbol of survival against all odds.


Coyote Dancing Pouncing by Cindy Goeddel  (click image for website)
Coyote Dancing Pouncing by Cindy Goeddel
(click image)


Coyote symbolises a creative healing genius

with earthy wildness some call mad.

942898_4673107475237_1835070455_nSongDog by H. Kyoht Luterman
(click on image)

Many indigenous North American folk myth stories

involve coyote’s incredible genius at creation,

a playful hubris & touching ability at self humor.



Surprisingly coyote is also a totem

of passionate spiritual romance. 

The type of crazy love that some of the most passionate

love stories are based.

Wolves are known for fidelity & loyalty

whereas coyotes symbolise passion.

(more about this later)


In the animal kingdom coyote is mammalia,





canis latrans

Adult male coyote: 44–52″ (including 14″ tail), 25–42 lbs.
Illustration courtesy of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources


Coyote’s carefree skills & come hither approach

to environmental challenges are a reminder to us all,

the skills we have had to acquire in order

to survive modern day life.


If you see a coyote in real life in trouble or it is threatening contact your local wildlife hotline,

images (5)

park ranger or other humane organizations:



Coyote medicine as the unlikely but profound

and powerful guide to deep spiritual love

is signified by the unusual wisdom

and set of skills that coyotes embody –

Qualities that rare love stories reveal to us:

endurance, creativity, self laughter

& commitment of flying with one’s own spirit

but also entwined with the true twin soul love.

Creative genius tinged with wildness


Male coyotes treat their lifelong female partner as their queen.

She chooses him.

images (6)

His mating ritual is tense & elaborate

with a caution not to disturb her aloofness.



If you are a male that has received coyote totem

this could be a reminder to respect your partner’s

need to be seduced with romance and caressing.



If you are a female that has received coyote totem

this could be a reminder to allow partner to pursue you.


using a gentle aloofness with traditional


& ancient subtle arts of seduction that also

bless your marriage, commitment, vows, promises.




If Coyote Totem appears in a marriage



it may signal a time where as a couple


sensual tantric practices,


long walks holding hands


and slow staring into each


others eyes is necessary to rekindle your desire for each other.


Coyote Smelling Flowers

Playful coyote embodies the art of survival,

stamina & adaptation – skills we all need.

If you don’t already have these skills,

is coyote reminding you to ask for

stamina & adaptation?



For those of us healing our inner child,

Coyote spirit medicine teaches our soul

to remember to live deeply in line with our heart’s

dreams of child like trusting innocence.

Coyote could also be beckoning you to heal your inner child.


Coyote’s independence subtly urges us

to let go of obsessive

material satisfaction that is an expense

to our spiritual life.

images (7)

Coyote spirit medicine leads us

to seek or at least desire the type of love

than cannot be bought

or earned with money or looks.


Many coyotes live on the brink



of where city has grown into




their natural habitats.


Their resilience and creative adaptability



is a strong symbol of our own survival.


Coyote is expert in precision and

separating what is nourishing and what is not.


As a totem in your life coyote could be reminding

you to pay attention to nourishing nutrition in your life,

but also urging you to seek what is

nourishing to the spirit and emotional heart.


Coyote totem is also a subtle guide

to ‘antioxidants’ both physical & spiritual

in a sense that coyote knows

what is pure in nature to eat and drink.

Coyote totem medicine can show us

what purifies and what does not.

images (9)

Coyote medicine leads us on

a less traveled path to richness of spirituality.

images (8)

By advising us to shed all pride in fear of failure

& replace ego with humility as a willing spiritual fool,

putty in our makers hands.

Clay that he molds with love: perfect imperfections.

Lady Coyote by Ellen Jewett Feather of Me
Lady Coyote by Ellen Jewett Feather of Me

As we learn to deliver our will to Great Spirit GOD

we free ourselves to trek on a lone survivor path

where all is observed, all is offered

& all is imprinted on our minds, hearts, spirits.

We just need to listen, watch, breathe & feel.

God Great Spirit is in charge.

Creator lovingly corrects any error we might make,

with just what creator is best at: Creation.

Coyote Created the Stars Mural by Kris Eitsen
Coyote Created the Stars Mural by Kris Eitsen


Coyote myth includes that the star constellations

were created by him in a haphazard  fashion,

what he did initially upset everyone with fear

but creator turned coyote’s work

into the colorful and more meaningful creation.

Many long versions of this myth and

other coyote folk myths are available online.

Coyote woman medicine is sweet

& healing like a ripe pomegranate of healing love.

Her dreams can heal a broken heart sick from society.

Coyote Dreaming Woman by Susan Seddon-Boulet

Other websites & blogs have further in depth

description of coyote medicine.

You can also purchase made to order

shamanic spirit totem dress.

Available to purchase on (click on photo)

Available to purchase on
(click on photo)

The website Shamanic Journey

has a beautiful traditional post on

coyote spirit medicine as a character.

While blogspot Tangle and Spiral

explores the folk myth in Native Americans.


has a wide variety of totem references

including how the totem appears

whether in dream or not.

Another website is Animal Spirits

that has many colorful posts on working

with animal guides in traditional shamanism

that also includes a useful

short form quick reference guide.


  • Understanding that all things are sacred–yet nothing is sacred

  • Teaching that only when all masks have fallen will we connect with the Source

  • Intelligence

  • Singing humans into being

  • Childhood trust in truth

  • Teaching us how to rear our young

  • Brings rain

  • Ability to laugh at one’s own mistakes

  • Placing the North Star

  • Shape-shifting

  • Teaching balance between risk and safety

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Wild Horses

When Wild Horses come galloping into your life it is time to recognise your sense of freedom, stamina, strength, speed, service & individuality yet part of whole of humanity ~

  Wild Horse Medicine offers us that amazing strength of being able to ‘sniff’ things out from a distance while maintaining our distance~ we either then proceed with caution or gallop away ~ Wild Horse medicine reminds us that it is time for us to recognise the importance of our muscles and bones and offer them prayers of gratitude ~

It is also medicine reminding us that if we have a loving rider we may carry them far distances with our skills and strength.

Wild horse medicine also asks us to be careful as to what we get caught up in ~ It is easy to get caught up in the frenzy of critical mass stampede ~ But be careful where the stampede is running ~ if unsure hang back, wait and make you sure you are on able footing before moving ~ Be a part of humanity but also be individual as Wild Horses and their many colours and patterns.

Wild Horse medicine also   requires us to carry a message sometimes against the flow of society ~

If you are a Wild Horse messenger know that Great Spirit protects you against many dangers to keep you from extinction ~ You are very special.

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FELIDAE: ~ The shape of their faces is that of a heart ~

Felidae is the term for all families of felines from house kitties to large wild cats.

As animal totems FELIDAE promise felicity & warm LOVE:

~ The shape of their faces is that of a heart ~

Their eyes are that of deep anscestral wisdom displaying an array of colors and layers of light.

They exhibit a show of prowess stemming from confidence and agility that is innate to their family.

Felidae can ‘see’ in light, dark & the spirit world.

They are self healers using sound vibration healing techniques ~ their purrrrr ~ to dispell any dense energy.

Their senses go way beyond vision: astute hearing with millions of hair sensors ~ whiskers, tails & paws ultra feeling sensors ~  a tongue that tastes and also cleans their coats to a gleen. No felida like water but have a fierce reluctancy to go near it. They all can swim but perhaps feel in another world missing senses washed away by water. All felidae can fall from great heights without being injured. A domestic cat can fall 8 – 11 stories and survive without an injury ~ They do this by relaxing all ligaments, splaying themselves out & and a supernatural ablity to right themselves upright before landing.

Feldiae are not shy about thriving on affection. In the wild, affection and grooming are daily activities spread throughout the day and night. Domesticated cats show their ‘caretakers’ the same need to give and receive affection. The word ‘caretakers’ is chosen as neither master nor owner are appropriate terms for anyone that loves a Felidae.

As hunters & survivalists these beauties are prime & often referred to as ‘King’ & ‘Queen’ of any region they inhabit. Their speed, vision, scent & audio combined with sharp slicing claws & teeth make them natures top hunting machines. They do have an odd and somewhat cruel habit of taunting and teasing their prey in small vignettes before the kill. Perhaps this is to exspell as much fear endorphin scent from their prey as a reminder to the rest of the animal kingdom exactly who is boss.

Felidae are extremely clean and ALWAYS clean up, cover or bury any mess they have made.

Felidae also have nature’s purr~fect  balance of rest, affection, play, hunting & eating.

Felidae spirit medicine gives our spirit all of the above! They remind us to accept our need for affection and to be LOVE ~ giving caring love to our  families & friends but also be able to accept this care in return. Affection is a mandatory mammalian need ~ even spirits ‘miss’ human affection.

Felidae asks our spirit to nurture self love based on our innate gifts from Heaven so that we may be confident with prowess on Earth in anything we do. We each are given different gifts that we are meant to share with one another to have many parts make up the whole of humanity.

Felidae Spirit medicine reminds us to use ALL of our senses in any situation, decision, circumstances in our lives.

They also ask us to know with certainty that we can all fall and survive if we relax, go with the flow and use instinct to know when & how to upright ourselves to land with our feet on the ground. When we ‘know’ this ability we can relax in any given situation & have faith.  

We are also reminded to clean up any mess we make as a mark of respect for others.

Felidae Spirit medicine urges us to look into one anothers’ eyes ~ they truly are the window to our spirit and other realms ~ eyes also show all aspects of our physical body as studied in highly accurate ‘iridology’ ~also to ask ourselves to be aware when another refuses to look you in the eye ~ what are they hiding? Self~pain or malice? Ask and spirit will show you ~

Felidae Spirit Medicine also teaches us that ‘what we see can become real’ ~ be very careful & accurate of what you visualise either in manifesting or shamanic journeying ~ also keep your actual visual experiences pure as what goes in visually can easily be embedded psychologically and manifest itself through the power of our amazing brains & spirit. In otherwords, use your visual skills to everyones’ benefit most of all your own preservation ~ also watch for signs ~ Heaven & Spirit are always communicating to us and thru us and the elements & the animal kingdom.

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